Hi, My name is Qin, pronounced as "keen."

I am a storyteller who work in two worlds—visual and words. I produce, film, edit and animate short stories and documentaries. I also write and report original feature stories.

I produce digital video for CNBC, and I write about blockchain, bitcoin, cryptocurrency and other technology topics for CNBC.com

Prior to CNBC, I was a motion graphic artist at the San Jose Mercury News, creating still and motion graphics for investigative long-form projects. I was the lead designer for the project "Drugging Our Kids", which won multiple awards from organizations like ONA and NPPA.

I grew up in Shanghai, came to the U.S. after college to see if everything has been said about this country is true.

I spend my day writing, reading, photographing, skateboarding, and learning different cultures.

I love beautiful visuals, witty words, Wong Kar Wai, Xiao-Long Bao, wonton noodle soup, and skateboarding.

Drop me a letter at qinchencq@gmail.com